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20 minute high intensity interval workout you can do anytime

20 minute high intensity interval workout you can do anytime

This workout will burn calories, improve your endurance, improve your athleticism, and even throw in cerebral challenges to keep things interesting in just 20 minutes. Unbelievably, all you really need is the incredible strength of your own body weight!

Training Description

The scenario is that you had to stay late at work and hurriedly left the workplace to get to your automobile. Time appears to be passing quickly, and traffic is busier than normal. You take a quick look at the time and realize there is no chance you will arrive at the gym before it closes. There’s no need to repent your workout today, so do not worry.

A fantastic workout doesn’t always need to take place inside of a gym, as those who are sincere about the amazing thing we call fitness know. The one thing you actually require is something you always have on hand: your body.

All you need for this is some room and a watch. Depending on your preference, you can do it inside or outside. You will carry out nine bodyweight exercises in one circuit or large set. Just be sure to pay attention to your watch since the most important number is time.

The training

This programme will begin with 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of “rest” that will be repeated. As you are aware, that totals one minute. During those 20 seconds, you should take a moment to take a deep breath, change to your next move, and mentally become ready.

You’ll probably notice that it requires a little less effort to finish the circuit as the workout progresses. You should put some effort into challenging yourself at such moment. As a result, add five seconds to your working time and take away five seconds from your rest period. Attempt to accomplish this two weeks after the program’s start. When the 45/15 split feels comfortable, increase the work time by five seconds and decrease the rest time by five seconds. These are the minutes that will be taken during the next six weeks:

Weeks 1 and 2 :- 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest for .
Weeks three and four:- 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest
Weeks 5 and 6:- 50 second work period followed by a 10-second break

There are nine exercises, as you will see. You have a one-minute break at the conclusion of the ninth round. After one minute, reverse the instructions and carry out the exercises in the opposite direction. Backtrack through the list, starting with the last exercise.

Exercises :-

Forward lunge

Put your hands on your hips and lean forward to perform a front lunge workout. As far as it will go or until your knee almost hits the ground, advance your left foot. Go back to the beginning place. Then, put your right foot forward.

Bodyweight Squat

To perform the bodyweight squat, stand tall and hold your hands in front of you. Maintain a little difference in foot spacing from shoulder width. As far back as you can or until your hips are level with your knees, sit down. Obtain a standing position once more. Continue until the timer goes off.

Mountain Climbers

To perform mountain climbers, begin by performing a push-up with your hands outside. As rapidly as you can, bring your left knee up to your chest. Bring your right knee up to your chest as you push your left foot back. It should look like you’re sprinting in place. Up until the timer goes off, quickly alternate your legs.

Running in place

Directions are not necessary when you are walking in place, am I right? Excellent, let’s continue.


Squat down to a standing position. Your hands should be on the ground. So that you are in the push-up position, kick your legs back. Make a push-up. Reposition your knees. Suddenly spring up. Return to the squat position before gliding into the following repetition. Keep doing it

Excellent Kick

Take a tall, straight stance. As much as you can, advance by kicking. Reset yourself and repeat with the other foot after your foot touches the ground. Till the time runs out, continue doing this back and forth.

Hand chest press and a row

Stand straight and tall. Straighten your arms in front of you. Make fists with your hands and row them together. Give the impression that your hands are really heavy. Squeeze your back muscles once you’ve reached the end of the queue. As though you were pushing a large object away from you, raise your hands high and apply pressure. Push your chest firmly while your arms are extended. until the timer goes off, keep going through this procedure.


Keep your eyes open and lie flat on the floor with your feet firmly planted to perform sit-ups. Do not intertwine your hands as you place them behind your head. Hold your elbows apart. Lift yourself as high as you can comfortably do so using only your abs. Go back to the starting position while maintaining control. Till the time runs out, keep doing this back and forth.


Stay in the same position you were in for sit-ups when performing bicycle crunches. Legs should be raised up to a 90-degree angle. While sitting up, draw your left knee in and your right elbow towards it at the same time. Bring your right knee and left elbow in alternately as you return to the starting position. Continue changing up this action

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