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15-Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit Routine After Workout

15-Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit Routine After Workout

You just completed working out, and you already feel like a fitness pro. You’ve worked up a sweat and a groan, and you’re now prepared to up your fitness level. Guess what, though? You’re in the proper location!

With this 15-Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit Routine After Workout, you’ll feel like a superhero in no time. It’s quick and efficient. No need for a cape.

Why Post Exercise?

You see, your body is like a ravenous, muscle-building machine following a challenging workout. It’s the ideal time to increase calorie and fat burning. Additionally, exercising out when you’re a little weary allows you to experience that pleasant feeling. It would be like to saying, “I’ll have another slice of cake, but only after I finish this salad.”

The Fat-Blasting Circuit Routine, 15 Minutes

Disclaimer: If you have any medical ailments or concerns, speak with a healthcare provider before beginning any new fitness plan.

Jumping Jacks (1 minute):

 Let’s begin with the traditional jumping jacks. It’s similar to going back to your youth, but with more sweat and less juice boxes.

One minute of pushups:

 Give us 20 if you can, or as many as you can in a minute, by dropping down. A great way to strengthen your upper body and core is to perform push-ups. Knee push-ups are an option if standard push-ups are too difficult.

One minute of squat jumps.

 Squat, then suddenly rise and jump. Imagine reaching out and attempting to touch the sky.

Get into the push-up position and hold it for one minute.

 Think of yourself like a plank of wood. Do not slump or arch; rather, maintain your strength. It’s time to determine if you are in fact a superhero. 

Mountaineers (1 minute):

 Time for some cardio! Once more in the push-up position, begin bringing each knee to your chest one at a time. It’s similar to mountain hiking minus the wind and altitude sickness.

One minute of the dreaded burpees.

 However, for a minute, you can do anything, right? Begin standing up, lower yourself into a push-up position, and then spring back up. Repeat maniacally.

Bicycle Crunches (1 min)

Lay on your back, with your hands behind your head, and perform one minute of bicycle crunches while pedaling as if you were in a Tour de France sprint. Keep your core active!

Russian twists for 1 minute

Sit down, raise your feet off the floor, and perform . Pretend Without moving your head, you are attempting to see what is behind you. These exercises your obliques!

High Knees (1 minute):

 While standing still, run in the air while raising each knee individually to your chest. Better if it’s higher. It seems as though you are running in place.

Yes, we're doing more push-ups for one minute.

 But this time, it’s like your workout’s grand finale. Put your all into it!

Stretching and cool-down (3 minutes):

Spend some time cooling off after that intense workout. Stretch your muscles for a while after taking a walk to regain your breath. You deserve it.


You’ve just finished our 15-minute post-workout circuit exercise to burn fat; congrats! This brief exercise is ideal for those occasions.Without moving your head, you are attempting to see what is behind you. These exercises your obliques!

when you don’t have much time but still want to get the most out of your workout. Consistency is important, so do your best to include this procedure as frequently as you can in your post-workout habit. And if you ever need a little more inspiration, just see yourself in that cape, crushing your workout objectives one circuit at a time. You can do this.

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