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6-Week Women’s Full Body core Strength Workout

6-Week Women’s Full Body core Strength Workout

Exercise Detailed

Having the ability to handle two tasks at once is usually beneficial. Normally, life doesn’t operate that way, but during training, it can. For instance, many women are searching for exercise regimens that emphasize both lean and strength goals.

However, you won’t be able to win a physique or powerlifting competition with the help of this program. However, it can assist you in burning a great deal more calories in a shorter amount of time, and you’ll discover that you’re strengthening via this method.

The upcoming program will have three sessions per week for six weeks. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you can fit it into your schedule, or you can wait two days in between classes. The sole prerequisite is that you refrain from taking continuous days of exercise. The three consecutive days of this exercise will result in early weariness, which is not good for strength and conditioning. Recovery is just as vital as training.

Whoever Needs It, Gets It

The nice feature about this program is that all of the exercises are either dumbbell or bodyweight movements. You are therefore protected whether you are at home or at the gym. You’ll require a set of dumbbells—either a heavy or a light pair, depending on your degree of strength.

Dumbbells that can be adjusted will work just well. Just bear in mind that adjusting them may take some time, which could make the exercise last longer. If this is a problem, think about visiting your neighbourhood sports equipment shop and purchasing a set of lightweight dumbbells to use instead.

If you enjoy music, feel free to play some tunes on your stereo or headphones if you’re at home. Be sure to It gets you going and keeps you engaged and lively when you start to feel tired because you might by the end. It will also be helpful to keep a water bottle, a towel, and an exercise mat close by.

Timing of meals and nutrition

Avoid doing it when you are hungry. It’s clearly more strenuous than fasting cardio workouts like brisk walking or moderate-effort cycling, though. Your active muscles will demand fuel, which means you’ll need calories to give them energy. So eat a meal an hour or so before working exercise.

What should you eat then? A protein supply is preferred first. Make sure you consume enough during your pre-workout meal, which might be a full meal or a shake. Additionally effective are healthy fats like almonds or peanut butter. Some of you may be following a ketogenic or low-carb diet. It’s not strictly required to eat carbohydrates, however fruits like bananas or a salad may help your goals for nutrition and meal timing, if your program allows. Be sure to drink plenty of water. 20 ounces or more of water should be consumed before exercising.


Don’t dive in headfirst. Warm up by going for a quick walk or doing some mild aerobics for 10 minutes to raise your body temperature. Spend a few minutes stretching your entire body after that. Start with your legs and work your way up until you have treated all of the major muscle groups. You are now prepared to follow along.

The Initiative

You will exercise all of the major muscle groups during this session. The majority of them each include two exercises. The first exercise will help you concentrate on your strength. The exercises specified for ten repetitions are these. You must finish ten representatives while utilising heavy weights.

When lifting the representative’s positive component, use restraint and slowly drop the weight, or the negative part of the weight.

As soon as you’ve finished the tenth repetition, switch weights and begin the second exercise in the pair. These are performed 20 times total. From beginning to end, you will work with about 250 reps.

When doing these exercises, use lesser weights. Here, conditioning becomes important. Attempting it won’t truly benefit you if you utilize the same weight for every workout. Put your energy into finishing the 20 reps as soon as you can. For instance, when performing squat leaps, quickly return to the starting position after descending so you may begin the next jump.

A Note About Planks

You’ll come across planks on the list at various stages in the program. There is no misspelling here. A great exercise that helps increase stability and core strength is the plank. Additionally, you can utilize them to concentrate on your breathing exercises. It’s fine to perform them on the ground with your knees bent if you feel comfortable doing so. Go for it if you can perform them in the conventional position.

A plank is the workout’s last exercise. You can do it for 30 seconds, but here is an additional challenge if you think you can. Go for two minutes or until you completely fail, whichever comes first.

If you succeed in doing so, you’ll experience at the conclusion of those two minutes, how well your session went. If you are unable to complete it, write down the time it took you and try to beat it the following time. Even if you miss it in a fraction of a second, you still made progress and gained momentum that you can use to get through your next session.

6-Week Women’s Full Body core Strength Workout

This workout involves a circuit. You can relax for the allotted amount of time or as often as necessary.

Exercise, Reps & Rest 

Goblet squats 30 seconds of 10 reps
Jump Squat for 20–30 seconds
10 seconds of dumbbell stiff-leg deadlifting
Perform 10 lunges every 30 seconds, followed by picking up a toddler for 20 seconds.
30-60 seconds of planking
10 seconds of dumbbell floor presses
20 to 30 seconds of floor dumbbell flying
Row 10 dumbbells for 30 seconds.
20 to 30 seconds of dumbbell pullover
30-60 seconds of planking
10 seconds of Arnold Press
20 to 30 seconds of side raises
10 dumbbell curls for 30 sec.
20–30 seconds of overhead tricep extension
30-60 seconds of planking
10–30 seconds of hanging leg raising
20–30 seconds of crunches
20 to 30 seconds of side crunches with leg lifts
30 seconds of Plank to Failure

Take a Break When Necessary

If you’re new to circuit training or have never done it before, now is a good time to push yourself unless you need a short break and you’re taking deep breaths. take action now! The aim is to try too hard, not to push yourself past the point where something could go wrong. If you’re exercising and you’re not sure you’ll do it right, take a moment to rest, drink some water, and catch your breath.

Always keep safety and gradual progress in mind. Instead of taking a chance on any discomfort or improper form, it is preferable to take a minute to gather your thoughts and make sure you are comfortable with the exercises. So pay attention to your body and look after yourself!

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